Breeding is the act of making two Crypton create a new one.

How to Breed Edit

To breed a new Crypton, start by clicking the Breeding tab in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Next, pick two Crypton to be the mother and the father of the newborn. Any Crypton can take on either role.

To finish breeding, you will need a Lovers' Nest item. This item can be purchased in the shop or received from quest rewards.

Once all this is done, finish by clicking the Breed button. The new Crypton is now ready to be born.

Genetics Edit

The newborn Crypton will inherit traits and parameters from the parents. To create a Crypton with the desired characteristics, make sure that the parents have such characteristics. The new Crypton will be born with a mix of the parents' characteristics, and will be able to be a parent themselves, thus containing both of their genes in a single Crypton, useful for future generations.

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